Promoters and founders were

  • The “ASSOCIAZIONE INDUSTRIE TICINESE” - Industries Association of Ticino "AITI"
  • The “CAMERA DI COMMERCIO” - The Chamber of Commerce of Canton Ticino
  • The “CAMERA DEL LAVORO” - The Chamber of Work of Canton Ticino
  • The “ORGANIZZAZIONE CRISTIANO SOCIALE TICINESE” - The Social Christian Organization of Ticino "OCST"

Brief history of our Foundation

The Foundation was established in 1984 to allow companies and Ticino's employees to realize the occupational pensions (2° Pillar) through an established institution and central decision in Ticino. The Foundation could rely on an Institutional management support and guarantee a truly joint representative interest in the field. Important goal for the Foundation was to manage the saved funds with bearing in mind to the local economy. As is clear from a study carried out by the Economic Office Research, many saved capitals with the introduction of obligation to the 2nd pillar, could find the way of Ticino. In fact the important Pension foundations had and have Headquarters in Zurich, Basel, Geneva and Bern.

The Ticino Foundation "FTP2P" found compliance in the economic and social environments of Canton Ticino. During the time the promoter employers founders, left the way directly to employers involved. Some competition already existing for years and the new one established from insurance-banking groups has been aggressive, and obstacles were not indifferent. Today the Ticino's Foundation for the 2° Pillar is a reality that has 30 years experience, with an administration completely independent from banking and insurance. New spacious offices in Mendrisio, small compared to the Giants Foundations but alive, efficiently and effectively to the service of affiliates.

The collective agreement makes a significant reduction in costs. Offers its services to more than 300 affiliates companies and to all of their employees. Among the affiliates are included: industrial companies, hand-crafts and service industries, associations and other municipal and cantonal entities, between the one the Swiss Italian University , the SUPSI, and some municipalities. Has been originated a saving heritage, that as provided by the statutes, is administrated in collaboration with banks based in our Swiss Canton.